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Ventana, DBS has hired facadeTek to supply over 275,000 square feet of custom designed structurally glazed unitized curtain wall materials for the new Dominion Workplace Tower in downtown Richmond, VA. The 417-foot-tall, 960,000-square-foot energy-efficient building is expected to be completed in 2019.  The exterior façade has a complex stainless steel pipe and truss system that will be integral to the unitized wall system as well as a bold glass crown that will highlight the geometry of the tower.  There are over 4,300 curtain wall units with over 2,300 units being shop installed with the custom stainless steel trusses and pipes for seamless installation.  Design  of this world class facility is by Pickard Chilton and Kendall Heaton Associates.  Visual and performance mock-upsa re successfully Work will commence in Q3-2017 and continue into 2018.

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