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Undisclosed Project-Maryland

Icon, EBS has selected facadeTek for another monumental project for their portfolio.  It is 101,000 SF/2050 unit custom unitized curtainwall project to re-clad an existing building in Maryland.  facadeTek will engineer and supply a Turn-Key project.  The schedule is aggressive with units required in the field in June 2019.  facadeTek will also manufacture over 50,000 SF of custom anodized plate panels with a custom textured finish that are integral to the curtain wall system.   Visual mock-up will be supplied in November 2018 and performance mock-up in April 2019.


Ball Park Village-St Louis, MO

facadeTek was selected by NGG of St Louis to again supplement their current production efforts. façadeTek's immediate capacity, familiarity of design and our ability to supply multiple ancillary products made this selection easy for NGG.

facadeTek scope totals is manufacturing 44,163 SF/624 units of NGG designed curtainwall units. This is a new nine (9) story project in St Louis. Our work consists of the top three (3) floors. The schedule is aggressive with curtainwall units in the field in January 2019 and complete in April.



Wills Wharf-Baltimore, MD

facadeTek was selected to supply the exterior façade for the new 12 story Wills Wharf. It will be an exciting new mixed-use building, offering more than 330,000 SF of premiere office, hotel and retail space, all while providing stunning waterfront views of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

facadeTek work will include over 80,000SF of custom unitized curtainwall, factory glazed storefronts and custom terra cotta trims. There are a total of 1,849 units that will be supplied for erection in Q2-2019. Visual mock-up will be delivered in Q4-2018. Ventana DBS is our customer and the architect is BHC Architect.



Biopharmaceutical Innovation Building

facadeTek was selected to supply the exterior façade for the new six-story, 200,000 square foot Biopharmaceutical Innovation Building at the University of Delaware in Newark, DE. The facility, to be located on UD’s STAR campus, will be a hub for researchers to advance the biopharmaceutical industry and for students in the field to learn from experts. The building also will house the national headquarters for the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals, where stakeholders will develop technology for advanced medicine.

facadeTek work will include over 90,000SF of custom unitized curtain all panels that include multiple other facadeTek manufactured ancillary products consisting of (209) sunshades, 30,000 SF of composite metal panels and(109) custom fin extrusions. There are 1,143 units that will be supplied for erection in Q2-2018. Visual and performance mock-up will be delivered in Q1-2018. Icon Exterior Building Solutions is our customer and the architect is Smith Group.



Dominion Workplace-Richmond, VA

Ventana, DBS has hired facadeTek to supply over 275,000 square feet of custom designed structurally glazed unitized curtain wall materials for the new Dominion Workplace Tower in downtown Richmond, VA. The 417-foot-tall, 960,000-square-foot energy-efficient building is expected to be completed in 2019.  The exterior façade has a complex stainless steel pipe and truss system that will be integral to the unitized wall system as well as a bold glass crown that will highlight the geometry of the tower.  There are over 4,300 curtain wall units with over 2,300 units being shop installed with the custom stainless steel trusses and pipes for seamless installation.  Design  of this world class facility is by Pickard Chilton and Kendall Heaton Associates.  Visual and performance mock-upsa re successfully Work will commence in Q3-2017 and continue into 2018.

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