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Undisclosed Indianapolis Enclosure Project

facadeTek will furnish and install 105,000SF of multiple cladding materials for a new two two-story, 90,000 square-feet building for an undisclosed client. The project just broke ground and will create a clean and modern corporate brand.

facadeTek will provide 33,000 SF of custom curtainwall, 34,000 SF of exterior composite metal panels, 25,000 SF of metal panel siding and 13,000 SF of interior glazing. Engineering has started on performance mock-ups and work in the field will begin in Q4-2013. Hunt Construction Group is the Construction Manager on the project.

January 2014-Update

facadeTek has started installation of the curtainwall systems on this 2 story 105,000SF. Fabrication in our facility is nearing completion and the Viracon insulated glass units are scheduled to ship in January. Engineering on many other custom components is nearly completed as well as multiple mock-ups are being finalized as well.

April 2014-Update

facadeTek continues to enclose the structure.  Work has initiated on the metal siding for the roof monitors as well as installation of the CMP panels.

West CW Temp
West CW Temp

Optima Center - Chicago, IL

January 2013-facadeTek has reached a milestone of 66% building enclosure this week.  Work now begins on level 28.  Manufacturing will complete in January as we stockpile units for this speedy installation.  Check back for further updates.

October 2012- facadeTek has reached a milestone of 33% building enclosure this week.  Work now begins on level 14.  Level 11 is where the resident units began.  These units include facadeTek's "oversized" zero sightline windows for the free air requirements.  Manufacturing remains at at full capacity and has created the necessary inventory for this fast paced project.  Check back for further updates.

August 2012 - Level 3/4 dual floor units are being installed.  These units are clad with fritted gray glass to cover the parking area of the building. Manufacturing is at full capacity and has created the necessary ionventory for this fast paced project.  Check back for further updates.

July 26, 2012 - First units installed at Optima Center this week. The first units of the over 3,400 units were set on Level B02 and façadeTek workmen will now work their way upwards. Manufacturing is gaining speed to supply this fast paced project the necessary backlog. Optima Center is scheduled to open in August 2013. Check back for further updates.

June 4, 2012 - façadeTek was awarded the building enclosure for the 40 story high rise apartment building.  The façade has over 190,000 SF of custom manufactured unitized curtain wall.  This consists of over 3,400 individual units.  This wall system integrates over 800 zero sightline windows designed, manufactured and tested by facadeTek.  Testing of the performance mock-up was completed in April and field installation starts in Jul 2012.

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20 2012
18 2012

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