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Arhaus Furniture - Lyndhurst, OH

facadeTek will furnish 2,300 SF/158 panels of custom fabricated pre-weathered steel rain screen panel system.  The pre-weathers steel panels accentuate the southwest design look of the architecture and corporate vision of the company.  This is 2nd Arhaus project that facadeTek has supplied PWS panels.



Pier 35-New York, NY

facadeTek will furnish over 400 highly complex pre-weathered steel panel system that will create a cutting edge design for the Pier 35 enclosure wall.   When complete, the new landscaped esplanade will culminate in a lush EcoPark and green habitat that looks right out over the river. The East River Waterfront Esplanade was designed by SHoP Architects, and is part of a larger project to revitalize the East River and Lower Manhattan.