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October 2012-The 4th and final batch of pre-weathered steel sunshades have started the final patina process.  Manufacturing remains on schedule and all pre-weathered patina processes will be complete by year end.

August 2012-24th floor sunshades are complete.  Check out how closely the new facadeTek sunshades match the existing steel structure.  Manufacturing is nearly complete and all patina processes will be complete by November.

June 2012-façadeTek has been selected to supply the replacement pre-weathered steel sunshades on the Knights of Columbus World Headquarters in New Haven, CT.   Each of the 588 sunshades will individually be pre-weathered in facadeTek’s custom automated pre-weathering patina line.  This process will provide a long term living finish that will closely match the existing 43 year old structure.  1st delivery of sunshades is scheduled for June 2012.