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Arhaus Easton Center – Fairlawn, OH

facadeTek will furnish over 400 highly complex pre-weathered steel panel system that will create a cutting edge design for the Pier 35 enclosure wall.   When complete, the new landscaped esplanade will culminate in a lush EcoPark and green habitat that looks right out over the river. The East River Waterfront Esplanade was designed by SHoP Architects, and is part of a larger project to revitalize the East River and Lower Manhattan.

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Wolf Point East – Chicago, IL

Harmon has hired facadeTek to design and supply 2,200 custom zero sightline vents for the Wolf Point East project located in Chicago, IL. Wolf Point East is a 60 story luxury apartment tower sitting along the Chicago River. The project is being developed by Hines in partnership with the Joseph P. Kennedy Family. The project is slated to begin in the field at the end of 2018 and continue thru December of 2019.

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Epic Parking Garage Screenwall – Dallas, TX

IWR North America hired facadeTek to provide fabrication of the custom expanded metal panels for the Epic Office Tower located in Dallas, Texas. The six-story parking garage is enclosed with a custom screenwall that is highlighted by an expanded metal mesh panel that is attached to an aluminum framing system.


Arhaus Legacy Village – Lyndhurst, OH

facadeTek was hired to supply just over 2,000 SF of pre-weathered steel panels for the new Arhaus flagship store located in Lyndhurst, Ohio. fT’s pre-weathered panels were selected by the design team as part of the new model for future Arhaus stores for its modern designed panel and its warm finish.

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Arhaus Furniture-San Diego, CA

facadeTek will furnish 800 SF of custom fabricated pre-weathered steel panel system.  The pre-weathers steel panels accentuate the southwest design look of the architecture and corporate vision of the company.


Jefferson Park State Housing - Cambridge, MA

The new buildings for this housing complex will be completed in 2017. The entries of the buildings are clad with a custom layout of shingles in facadeTek’s pre-weathered steel.  facadeTek has developed internal mock-ups to achieve the desired design.  The has some standardization of an overlap pattern, and allows some continuity.  There are 2,600 pre-weathered steel panels and accessories.


Pier 35 - New York, NY

facadeTek will furnish over 400 highly complex pre-weathered steel panel system that will create a cutting edge design for the Pier 35 enclosure wall.   When complete, the new landscaped esplanade will culminate in a lush EcoPark and green habitat that looks right out over the river. The East River Waterfront Esplanade was designed by SHoP Architects, and is part of a larger project to revitalize the East River and Lower Manhattan.

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Pier 35
Pier 35-
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US Park Police HQ - Washington, DC

facadeTek will furnish1,500 SF of custom fabricated pre-weathered steel panel system. The Hains Point campus, home to the NPS National Capital Region and the U.S. Park Police is critical for NPS and improvements have been long overdue. The selection of pre-weathered steel provides a maintenance free product that provides an architectural accent to this unique property.

US park-

Florida Avenue Apartments

This high-profile project is comprised of 2 buildings and approximately 240 residential units.  These mixed use buildings feature ample retail spaces along the streets to further activate the urban activity.  facadeTek’s Pre Weathered Steel Patina rain screen panels will highlight the many sustainable materials being utilized in this new exciting structure.  Our customer is Performance Architectural and the panels will be be supplied in Q3-2014.

Cornell Technology-CUP

facadeTek will supply 5,000 SF of a custom stainless steel plate screen wall for the new Central Utility Plant. The stainless steel panels will have a custom patina surface that was developed specifically for this project. Included in the work is the design and engineering of the structural steel back up system.

The new Cornell Campus with a sustainable design—and some equally progressive engineering—pushes the edges of current practices. With buildings designed according to LEED, Net Zero and Passive House principles, the campus promises to be one of the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient campuses in the world. With views across the East River to the city beyond, 2.5 acres of open space—expansive green lawns, pedestrian paths and outdoor classrooms—allow for recreation and encourage healthy living.

Master planning and the CUP structure is being designed by Skidmore Owings & Merrill. Delivery of panels will be Q2-2016.


242 Chuch - Brighton, MI

facadeTek supplied 3,000 SF of Pre-weathered steel materials for the renovation and addition to the rapidly growing 2/42 non-denominational community church located on Grand River Road in Brighton, Michigan.


Rush Medical Center Atrium - Chicago, IL

The Entry Pavilion for the new Rush Hospital provides a welcoming space for patients and visitors. The focal point of the pavilion is an open-air terrarium, which introduces an exterior landscaped space into the interior without creating air contamination issues associated with interior plantings.

Our team engineered the custom laminated insulated low-iron glass is curved to fit a freestanding AESS steel pipe frame that spans 50 feet through an aperture in roof to provide a sculptural element both inside the Pavilion. The frame, a tilted elliptical cage that tapers to a circle, also provides a means to maintain the exterior (internal) face of the point-supported glass. Each IGU had multiple radii and each piece is unique and most total in excess of 84 square feet.


Broad Ripple Garage

facadeTek was awarded the design, manufacturing and installation of the articulating screen wall system on this new Broad Ripple Garage.  fT will also engineer and install the structural steel support system to provide a "Turn Key" installation.  The aluminum cantilevered screen wall will consist of over 8,000 square feet of area.  It will be made up of three custom painted perforated patterns to create a distinct color pattern and light transmission as the wall flows over the facade.  Our design development team has met with the owner and Architect and the visual mock-up is being developed.  Installation will start in early 2013 and complete shortly thereafter.

College Ave. Plan View
BRMUD 1 3-

10 Bond Street - New York, NY

facadeTek has been selected to supply advanced materials for a new 10 story 7 unit condominium in New York City. It will be clad with facadeTek pre weathered steel patina products. Included in the work is a custom brise soleil located on the 10th floor, wall panels and custom ornamental trims. Design work has been initiated and product will be ready for installation in Q4-2013. Crowne Architectural Systems of Hackensack, NJ is our customer. 

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Optima Center - Chicago, IL

As Optima Center in Chicago, IL nears completion, many of fT advanced materials can be highlighted. This project clearly identifies the success of a single source supplier. One of the unique facets of the projects are the (774) zero sightline windows. These custom 29 SF project-out windows were designed project specific to meet free air requirements and enhance the sleek exterior facade. Critical to the performance was our selection of the multi-locking Giesse Eurogroove hardware. facadeTek also supplied as a design enhancement the integrated structural glass handrail system. The system was designed to meet all structural requirements yet maintain the design of the adjacent unitized curtainwall. Critical details were prepared and engineered by fT to provide not only a waterproof solution but a thermally enhanced structural attachment. Lastly, fT fabricated over 3,400 aluminum shadow box panels. These 18,000 SF of panels were finished with a 70% PVDF finish and prefabricated with all holes, insulation and attachment hardware for easy installation into the unitized curtainwall units.

These are just a few of the many advanced materials that facadeTek can manufacture to support any ongoing developments. This product mix allows us to provide unique design solutions as a single source vendor for most all of your facade elements. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any additional information or pricing.


Knights of Columbus World Headquarters - New Haven, CT

October 2012-The 4th and final batch of pre-weathered steel sunshades have started the final patina process.  Manufacturing remains on schedule and all pre-weathered patina processes will be complete by year end.

August 2012-24th floor sunshades are complete.  Check out how closely the new facadeTek sunshades match the existing steel structure.  Manufacturing is nearly complete and all patina processes will be complete by November.

June 2012-façadeTek has been selected to supply the replacement pre-weathered steel sunshades on the Knights of Columbus World Headquarters in New Haven, CT.   Each of the 588 sunshades will individually be pre-weathered in facadeTek’s custom automated pre-weathering patina line.  This process will provide a long term living finish that will closely match the existing 43 year old structure.  1st delivery of sunshades is scheduled for June 2012.

progress 6-12-12
progress 6-12-12

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