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façadeTek's design, fabrication and delivery are managed by utilizing an advanced technological software platform, capable of negotiating the geometric complexities of any complex design.

Critical to capturing the spirit of the design is the necessity to develop a technique for connecting two distinctive surfaces; the exterior façade and the structural frame skeleton. Our charge is always to develop a rational connection back to the structure with regularized glazed curtain wall and its respective distribution of spaced vertical and horizontal mullions.

The negotiation of a successful and economic connection between the two systems shall be managed through the use of a parametric design tool and software platform. Upon establishment of the base parametric design model, the discreet management of complex geometries in CATIA will enable a highly fluid design development process in which modifications to the section of the building, floor plate area, and/or mullion spacing will parametrically change and update the surface of the facade system and connection of the system back to the structure.screenshot3

Our design model shall be utilized for two other specific processes. First and foremost the model will be utilized for direct-to-fabrication communication with computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery located in our manufacturing facility. Secondly, each of the unitized panels contained within the model shall be associated with a specific date for installation. By attributing the façade installation schedule to the model and animating a simulated playback of the façade installation on-screen, our team will demonstrate the entire installation sequence to project stakeholders throughout the design-build process as required to successfully communicate intentions and solve issues utilizing this highly collaborative medium in real-time.

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