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Safety Program

ft SafetyfaçadeTek is a company that is committed to protecting employees, clients and the general public on all our projects. This premise is a Company Value of great importance. Safety is a shared responsibility in which each and every employee must take ownership of their own safety and the safety of their co-workers.

We are committed to safe working environments, in the field and in our manufacturing facility. Our goal is to achieve a workplace that is free of unsafe conditions and unsafe acts while maintaining a high level of quality and customer service. The following guiding principles will evidence this philosophy and our future success:

  • Supervision shall possess the skills commensurate with project responsibilities.
  • All employees must comply with safety, health and risk management requirements.
  • We work towards continuous improvement.
  • We foster a culture that aligns safety, health and risk management with other business objectives.
  • The emphasis will be on safety, health and risk management. Programning Process and reduction of incidents will be the measure of our success.

Our safety program is comprised of the following elements:
Responsibility/Key Line Personnel

  1. Identification of Competent/Qualified Persons
  2. Scope of Work Evaluation
  3. Hazard/Risk/Exposure Assessment
  4. Control Measures
  5. Periodic Inspections
  6. Daily Safety Plan
  7. Compliance
  8. Written Progressive Disciplinary Program
  9. Hazard Correction
  10. Training and Instruction
  11. New Hire Orientation
  12. Project Specific Orientation
  13. Employee Communication System
  14. Record Keeping
  15. Accident/Exposure Investigation
  16. Emergency Action Program
  17. Site-Specific Medical Emergency Program
  18. Hazard Communication Program
  19. Worker Training

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