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QAQC2façadeTek is committed to maintaining its market position as an innovative and quality provider of installed building enclosure and façade products. This commitment is there to ensure that we furnish our customers and their markets with a quality product. It is our intent to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Quality is the result of a cooperative partnership between those responsible for the project development (Project Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, Field Installation, etc…) and those responsible for Quality Assurance. Those providing project development services must implement Quality Control to ensure that products and services meet or exceed expectations of quality. Those responsible for Quality Assurance must review or audit these products and services to ensure the Quality Control efforts are achieving desired results. The overall outcome of these efforts is the continuous improvement in our finished product.

façadeTek Quality is based on key values:

  • Make it work the first time;
  • Prevention rather than reaction;
  • Qualified and trained individuals;
  • Planning and proper direction.

façadeTek’s success in Quality Assurance comes from its employees having the sentiment that they are the primary factor in its success:

  • Instill a sense of ownership and personal concern in every individual.
  • Make certain that all personnel involved in performing the work have a clear understanding of the scope and intent of the overall project.
  • Make certain that all personnel involved in performing the work are aware of the project schedule, and understand the importance of meeting intermediate deadlines as well as final completion dates.
  • Arrange periodical key milestone reviews to ensure that the intent and scope are still understood.
  • Document the quality control process properly and communicate it consistently to all.

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