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Unitized Curtain Walls

façadeTek unitized curtain walls provides many benefits on building facades of all masses. Our unitized systems are developed as a result of our in-house technology as well as our staff’s combined experiences on many complex projects. These systems will feature enhanced design methods and improved installation processes that result in real economies as well as enhanced performance.

Our products are manufactured in a controlled environment where the seals and tooling can be monitored and checked with a high level quality control programs. Many of the critical machining and sealant applications are automated, thus resulting in a consistent product application.

Unitized systems are shipped on dedicated flatbeds and arrive at the project ready to be set immediately and thus, help enclose the building more quickly. This saves time for the overall schedule and allows interior trades to progress sooner. The unitized system saves time and labor in the field which allows increased savings for the project.

Many of façadeTek’s other advanced materials can be incorporated into the systems while being assembled in our facility. This allows for a more streamline and seamless interaction of the many different options of shading devices and rain screen panels for exterior facades.

We are continually monitoring development of state of the art technology, manufacturing machinery and techniques to ensure our products remain cost effective as we continue to meet all design challenges.

Our fabrication facility is equipped with:

  • 5-Axis CNC machine
  • Water jet technology
  • Specialized machining centers
  • Automatic saws
  • Semi-automatic Erdman sealant applicators
  • In-house testing facilities
  • Automated steel CNC drilling line
  • Automated steel band saw

Our ability to be a single source on the manufacturing chain will provide real cost effectiveness as well as in-house controls.

Our innovative approach enables us to be versatile to meet any design challenge and develop proficiency on each unique project we pursue. Our capacity is set for continued growth in the unitized curtain wall industry. We are poised to meet any challenge.

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