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fT-ZEROsightline Operable Windows

facadeTek ZEROsightline windows are the ideal solution to provide fresh-air ventilation without sacrificing thermal performance in curtain wall or storefront applications. The design of the facadeTek ZEROsightline windows provides a sleek ventilation alternative for all of our unitized curtain wall systems. Vents are available in various operating models to achieve the various design requirements. The streamlined appearance of the ZEROsightline window provides a clean design for architects to ventilate with fresh air, which has been shown to improve indoor air quality, as well as improve occupant comfort, well-being and productivity.

Features are as follows:

  • Up to 30SF size-contact factory for your requirements
    Mitered frame construction, corner-blocked tubular vents
  • Custom designed CW inserts for use in any system with flat back perimeters or gaskets
  • Factory four-side silicone glazed for “no sag” performance, even in large vent sizes
  • 1/8” principal wall thickness
    Utilizes high performance Giesse multi-point locking with single hand operation
  • Stainless steel 4 bar hinges
  • Multiple IGU edge designs to accommodate any curtain wall system
  • Available in multiple IGU thickness combinations
  • Polyamide thermal barrier design for thermal requirements
  • Painted and anodized finishes available

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