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Custom Patina Metals

facadeTek's has added custom patina finishes to it's growing portfolio. This oxidizing process for multiple metal surfaces provides architects and designers with a large range of colors to select from. This patina can be achieved on steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and muntz metals. These finishes have been developed with tested proprietary processes and applications.

This patina surface will age with time and changing elements. This patina coating is a living protecting surface which becomes harder as it ages.

Our oxidation combinations can developed a large range of color pallets and hues - Blue-Green-Brown-Black-Iridescent

The patina finish of each of these colors will have different levels of variation in color and reflectivity.

For interior application or on certain exterior applications a high performance clear top coat can be applied after the color is attained.

Maintenance and Care

Surfaces of Patina substrates will age at different rates of speed. Minor damage to the oxide coating heals itself, with time the damaged area will blend in with the surrounding areas. Regularly remove all dirt, debris and other deposits that hold moisture and maintain a wet surface condition on the substrate. Remove growth of nearby vegetation that prevents the natural drying of surfaces.


facadeTek will furnish project specific warranties.

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