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The new buildings for this housing complex will be completed in 2017. The entries of the buildings are clad with a custom layout of shingles in facadeTek’s pre-weathered steel.  facadeTek has developed internal mock-ups to achieve the desired design.  The has some standardization of an overlap pattern, and allows some continuity.  There are 2,600 pre-weathered steel panels and accessories.



facadeTek will furnish1,200 SF of custom fabricated pre-weathered steel panel system.  This luxurious residence has chosen the pre-weathered steel accent panels to add the architectural elegance desired to this state of the art new home.



facadeTek will furnish over 400 highly complex pre-weathered steel panel system that will create a cutting edge design for the Pier 35 enclosure wall.   When complete, the new landscaped esplanade will culminate in a lush EcoPark and green habitat that looks right out over the river. The East River Waterfront Esplanade was designed by SHoP Architects, and is part of a larger project to revitalize the East River and Lower Manhattan.



facadeTek will furnish1,500 SF of custom fabricated pre-weathered steel panel system.  The Hains Point campus, home to the NPS National Capital Region and the U.S. Park Police is critical for NPS and improvements have been long overdue.  The selection of pre-weathered steel provides a maintenance free product that provides an architectural accent to this unique property.